NES – No Excuses Summit 1 and 2

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Susan is the author of the best selling book the Have It All Woman, MLM Woman and the co-author of the new book The Ultimate Guide to Power Prospecting.
Tim Erway


NES – No Excuses Summit 1 and 2

NES - No Excuses Summit 1 and 2

Check it out: NES – No Excuses Summit 1 and 2

No Excuses Summit

The World’s Top Income Earners Reveal the Perfect Fusion of Offline & Online Sponsoring Techniques and Show You the Exact Lead, Money & Downline Gettin’ Business Plan Used by Them to Create Multi-6, Multi-7 & 8 Figure Incomes in Network Marketing!

Falcone Mike Dillard Jay Kubassek Susan Sly Tim Erway
Todd Falcone Mike Dillard Jay Kubassek Susan Sly Tim Erway
mike klingler Diane Hochman Mark Hoverson Brian Fanale Norbert Orlewicz
Mike Klingler Diane Hochman Mark Hoverson Brian Fanale Norbert Orlewicz
Paula Pritchard Aaron Rashkin Ray Higdon Andrew Cass Did Alcheva
Paula Pritchard Aaron Rashkin Ray Higdon Andrew Cass Didi Alcheva
Glenn Arcaro Justin Christianson Joey Klein Chris & Josephine Jackie Ulmer
Glenn Arcaro Justin Christianson Joey Klein Chris & Josephine Gross Jackie Ulmer
David Wood Joe O’Day Ferny Ceballos Raymond Fong Ramiro Ceballos
David Wood Joe O’Day Ferny Ceballos Raymond Fong Ramiro Ceballos

It goes without saying that being at the No Excuses Summit II was the single most valuable and rewarding experience any networker can take part in for their business and life.

Aside from just the training delivered from stage, you got the intimate breakout and Q&A sessions with each speaker, the networking opportunity with speakers & attendees, the VIP events, hanging out at with speakers at the bar/lounge and much much more.

However, we know that the rough economy still weighed on a lot of folks and if it were to come down to putting food on the table for your family or being at No Excuses, we would hope you’d choose your family. That’s the right thing to do. Some of you said you couldn’t go due to an illness in your family. That’s also the right thing to do.

But we also want to do something special for the people whom for whatever reason couldn’t attend No Excuses II, but are still committed to making 2011 their breakthough year.
Own the Lead, Sponsoring & Money Gettin’ Secrets Revealed at the Biggest Network Marketing Event of the Year via High Definition DVD Recordings!

No Excuses Summit

Recorded LIVE from the “sexiest venue in the world”, The Pearl Concert Theatre at Palms Las Vegas, we caught every valuable second of training delivered by our superstar cast of 24 multi-six figure, seven-figure and eight-figure earners in network marketing…

What You’ll Get from the 20+ Hours of Training at No Excuses Summit II by the Top Earners in the World!

The fact of the matter is that in 2011 the people who are growing massive and stable organizations with a hefty residual income are NOT pure internet marketers and they aren’t even the big “guru” types anymore.

The competitive advantage now lies with people who can successfully use the internet to generate an endless lead flow for their business, while incorporating the best of “old school” methods, phone skills and psychology to recruit and grow a team of loyal and happy producers who can duplicate what they do, while maintaining their lifestyle and time freedom.
No Excuses Summit II will be the Perfect Fusion of “Old School” and “New School” Recruiting Methods

This year’s line-up will not only feature some of the greatest internet marketers in this industry, it will also feature the best and most successful OFFLINE networkers who have maintained million dollar residual incomes over the course of 5, 10, 20 and even 25 years.

Fusing “Old School” and “New School” is the ultimate advantage, but you gotta do it the right way.

We’ve recruited a unprecedented line-up of 24 speakers to teach you exactly how it’s done…
Meet the No Excuses II Line-up of Instructors

“Dude ur line up is amazing! If people don’t get it by looking at that page and googling a few of those names then they r just lost and hopeless! Can’t wait “
Text Msg from our friend, Jason Liptak

Here’s the line-up and yes, feel free on “google” their names.

Todd Falcone (Master of Ceremony) is a multi-million dollar earner and has made his way to the top in four leading Network Marketing companies. Mr. Falcone is a highly-recognized trainer, personal coach and mentor to thousands of top-performing home business owners.

His candid, in-your-face approach to teaching success principles has captured the attention of literally thousands and thousands of distributors worldwide.
Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard is considered the ‘Godfather’ of Attraction Marketing. While not being the first to apply direct response to network marketing, he was the first to popularize it online with revolutionary training courses such as ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’, ‘MLM Traffic Formula’ and others.

Today, Mike is pursuing a new passion & company, The Elevation Group, sparked by a personal mission to decipher world financial systems, wealth cycles and investments strategies of the ultra wealthy – disseminating this knowledge to regular people & entrepreneurs, alike.
Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek’s story begins in the fields of his family’s farm in Ontario, where his dreams took root in the solitary hours he spent atop a tractor. A few years later, Jay found himself at a Midas Muffler shop finally ready to make the leap to entrepreneur, making it to the upper echelon of top earners in direct sales and co-founding CarboncopyPRO, the most successful internet marketing system on the planet.

Jay’s mission is to educate and empower entrepreneurs. He is an active philanthropist and is equally passionate about the arts.
Susan Sly

Susan Sly is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, college professor, master trainer, certified nutritional consultant, certified trainer and coach with over 17 years of experience in health and wellness. She has also generated over $60 million in sales in the industry of network marketing and become a seven figure annual income earner.

Susan is the author of the best selling book the Have It All Woman, MLM Woman and the co-author of the new book The Ultimate Guide to Power Prospecting.
Tim Erway

Tim Erway is a black belt copywriter and website conversion expert. He is CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring and best known in this industry as the co-author of the original, MLM Traffic Formula course, which revolutionized this industry and introduced internet marketing to network marketers for the 1st time in history.

His sales letters and split-testing prowess have resulted in millions of dollars in additional revenue that would have otherwise been lost due to poor performing websites, & money sucking advertising campaigns.
mike klingler

Mike Klingler is an online business coach & trainer who has taught literally tens of thousands of students how to escape the traditional avenues of Education, Career & Retirement to live life with passion, financially empowered online.

He is the creator of Marketing Funnel Mastery, a revolutionary live coaching program for entrepreneurs teaching sustainable marketing practices, where participants build custom and powerful marketing systems.
Diane Hochman

Diane Hochman has been a stay at home mom and marketer for the past 10 years. Starting from scratch with homemade how-to booklets and brochures she built a mail order business in the network marketing industry with a health and nutrition company.

Since then Diane has expanded into affiliate marketing, coaching, information marketing and training. She is one of the most sought after trainers, speakers and network marketing leaders in the world.
Mark Hoverson

Mark Hoverson earned a 7 figure income his 2nd year in network marketing. He was able to do this by mastering the art of influence, Pay Per Click advertising and duplication. Mark has the unique ability to take any one from and walk of life and turn them into a guru marketer in a very short time.

Mark is a man of few words but when he talks it’s a good idea to play close attention to every word he says. Every conversation with Mark yields advice that if applied turns to gold.
Brian Fanale

Brian Fanale is one of the most sought after marketing coaches & trainers in the world today. He has personally assisted thousands of networkers in lead generation, prospecting, mindset, and turning a profit in the network marketing industry through a company he co-founded called “MyLeadSystemPRO.”

In just the 1st year of it’s existence, MLSP became the #1 attraction marketing system worldwide. He’s put over $2 million dollars back into the hands of what once were struggling networkers.
Norbert Orlewicz

Norbert Orlewicz is one of the co-founders of MyLeadSystemPro, offering the premiere internet marketing solution for network marketing distributors looking to use the internet to build their business.

Norbert struggled for 5 years in network marketing before discovering attraction marketing and he quickly became a top producer in his company. As a trainer, he simplifies internet marketing into a step-by-step blueprint that newbies can follow and has helped thousands of struggling marketers successfully grow their businesses online.
Paula Pritchard

Paula Pritchard was pursuing her doctorate degree at Kent State University, when she decided to attend her first network marketing meeting.

Out of a million Amway distributors, there were approximately 300 Diamonds and above. Paula was the first single woman in North America to reach Diamond. Her extraordinary success in network marketing has spanned over 25 years, during which she has grown organizations of up to 200,000 distributors worldwide.
Aaron Rashkin

Aaron Rashkin has been called a Master Prospector & Team Builder by his collegues and industry experts as he has personally enrolled over 1,000 people into his network marketing businesses from a cold market and warm market and built several teams into the thousands over his 12 year career.

Working as a team with his wife Sophia, he has masterfully fused the leverage of the internet together with his ‘old school’ background, to become the top earner in his current business, earning 1.5 Million in his first 2.5 years online, w/out cold calls, 3-ways, home or hotel meetings.
Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon is a young rising star in network marketing, after a very successful period as a real estate investor and seminar speaker.

When the real estate bubble burst, Ray’s investments and wealth were completely wiped out leaving him with only $300 in the bank. Without hesitation, he quickly moved to network marketing and built the largest downline in his primary opportunity in just 1 year, successfully fusing the lead generating magic of the internet with the “belly-to-belly” strategies required to build a successful business.
Andrew Cass

Andrew J. Cass is a two-time 7-figure producer in the direct sales. He is a Founding Member of the CarboncopyPRO marketing system where he was #1 in sales for 2 straight years for both the system and his former opportunity. He is now a Founding Member of personal finance expert David Bach’s new direct sales company.

Andrew was also hand selected as a “Dan Kennedy Certified” Business Advisor for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle in which he runs one of the largest chapter’s in the country (Miami, FL) and 3 private coaching groups.
Did Alcheva

Diyana Alcheva, also known as “Didi” is a marketing coach and consultant specializing in social media, assisting beginners and leaders to create a profitable online presence following their passion. One of DiDi’s specialties is working with her clients toward creating successful product launches.

Over the past 3 years she has managed, organized and ensured the success of several multi-million dollar product launches with top industry leaders including Ann Sieg, Mark Hoverson and Mike Klingler.
Glenn Arcaro

Glenn Arcaro’s background is as a professional Hollywood film & BizLearning producer/editor of 10 years, who recently teamed up with Didi Alcheva to help start-up entrepreneurs bring their marketing and promotional videos to Hollywood caliber levels without the high costs.

He has been paid up to $25k per project by leaders such as Mike Klingler and others to produce broadcast quality documentary style films about their businesses and live events. He is the most skilled video and film editor in internet marketing, committed to passing on his skill set to you and help you produce high quality, yet low cost videos.
Justin Christianson

Justin Christianson for 4 years, was Mike Dillard’s business partner and co-owner of Magnetic Sponsoring, a multi-million dollar company. As one of the first ‘attraction marketing’ superstars in this industry, Justin has since branched out beyond the network marketing space to offer his expertise and consulting to internet entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide.

He as a master of maximizing profits & keep expenses down and boosting conversions in your marketing through split testing.
Joey Klein

Joey Klein is a dynamic speaker who has been training internationally for over 7 years, bringing his audiences a body of teaching formulated from many philosophical, spiritual & martial arts traditions around the world, that incorporate harmony between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one’s self.

His teachings have been published in 14 countries. He’s a regular guest on radio shows across the nation, and has been a keynote speaker or presenter at many events, including speaking before the United Nations.
Chris & Josephine

Chris and Josephine Gross are cofounders of Networking Times, the leading magazine publication for network marketing in the world. Available on newsstands across North America and the U.K., this educational journal focuses on helping professional networkers build the right skill set and mindset to be successful in their business.

Chris and Josephine are great ambassadors for network marketing and direct sales. They work closely with leaders such as Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Donna Johnson, Jordan Adler, Orrin Woodward and many others.
Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer has gone from offline to online, she is a role-model for Work At Home Moms in the home business industry. A 17-year veteran Jackie is the consummate professional, she has built her business to a high six figure income using both hi-tech and hi-touch techniques.

Like many moms, before she started in network marketing, she came to a crossroads by having to decide on priorities – career or family? Of course, she chose family and has never looked back, becoming one of the top women producers in this industry.
David Wood

David Wood was a college dropout living with his wife, Ashley in a green, 1996 Dodge Caravan on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii with less than $35 in his bank account in 2009 when he started his business.

His first 12 months online, he personally enrolled more than 1536 people into the largest attraction marketing system online, sponsored more than 500 people in his primary business his first 11 months involved, and now lives in a 4,000 square foot home in the mountains of Costa Rica, building a business, goofing off with his wife, and otherwise being a nuisance to society.
And Your No Excuses Summit Creators & Hosts
Ferny Ceballos

Ferny Ceballos is an anomaly in this industry, having graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Southern California, in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, respectively. He had the prestige, income & respect from peers, but lacked happiness as an engineer.

Over the past 5 years, he and Raymond, have mastered internet marketing & are the leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts in this industry.
Raymond Fong

Raymond Fong, got his degree from Harvey Mudd College in engineering, then went on to work full time in the aerospace industry while getting his masters in computer engineering from USC.

He quickly learned that he’s one of those “psychologically unemployable” folks and ventured off into the network and internet marketing space. Together with his business partner, Fernando Ceballos, they are helping folks take over the top rankings in the search engines for massive amounts of free traffic and leads.
ANNNND Here’s What You Will Learn From Each of These Stellar Speakers @ No Excuses Summit II

Recruiting Mastery & NES2 Master of Ceremony

Developing the confidence of a champion and prospect like… well, a CHAMP!

How to outproduce everyone around you.

The secret to recruiting pros that become leaders on your team who will produce for themselves AND you.


How to Multiply the Money You Have, so You Can Walk Away & Retire

How the largest wealth transfer in the history of mankind is going to destroy the American Middle Class over the next 6-36 months.

How to position yourself and your business to profit immensely from this transfer.

How to make a 50-100% annual return on your investments using the new financial tools of the “Shift Economy”

Mike Dillard

Scalability & Duplication in Your Business

How to build your brand equity & increase your income by solving 3 key variables to get the final 1 degree to go from just “hot” to boiling.

How to find and exploit your “USP”. Every one of us have one and you MUST find yours to succeed.

How to take the kind of action that directly impacts your bottom line.

Jay Kubassek
How to Create a $60 Million Success Story

How to use time to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

Taking ownership of your business and your life and how that will translate into amazing tangible results in your business.

Identifying opportunities instead of liabilities.

Susan Sly

From Small List to Million Dollar Online Empire

The 3 most profitable monetization strategies that can transform even a small list into a 5, 6, or even 7-figure income! (Warning: if you are missing ANY of these, you’re leaving cold hard cash on the table).

The one simple change we made that instantly increased our profitability by 40% DAILY!(This is so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not doing this sooner).

Revealed: Our 7-figure Rapid Information Empire Process! (How to quickly and easily create and sell your own information products.)

Tim Erway

Setting Up an Online Lead Generation System with a Business You Believe In

How to USE procrastination to become literally 10 to 10,000x more effective.

Why most people’s lead generation & follow up consistently yields crappy results.

Creating a marketing plan that makes you significantly more competent & confident… so you walk and talk as if… and finally KNOW… what the heck you’re supposed to be doing with your time each day (and the efforts you put in actually yield what they should).

mike klingler

Getting Your Leads to go from Prospect to Top Producers

Indoctrination tactics that take new team members from skeptical to zealot almost overnight.

How to DRIVE VOLUME from your new people from day one causing them to (of all things) EARN A CHECK.

How to take those small check stories and turn them into a recruiting frenzy creating Downlines By Default

Diane Hochman

Inciting a Recruiting Frenzy with Direct Response

Discover the rarely used “Direct Response” secret that actually leads to the most profit. (Hint: it’s the most obvious, but also the most overlooked).

Find out how to weave “Direct Response” into every piece of content you create. (Warning: if you fail to do this, all your content-making is a waste of time).

See why you must “Brand” yourself as a “Direct Response” leader. (Clue: it is the ONLY way to attract the people who will bring you MASSIVE duplication quickly).

Mark Hoverson

Passive Online Lead Generation & Sales

Brian FanaleNorbert OrlewiczSimple online strategies for anyone to eliminate rejection forever.

How to easily position yourself as an authority to attract an endless flow of quality leaders to your business.

The single greatest skill you can master to improve your online results to get leads and recruit automatically.

How to Build an International Multi-Million Dollar Business

How to build from nothing to a HUGE International business and get an invitation to dinner at the White House.

How to build hands off residual income in network marketing.

How to eliminate the confusion, increase duplication and accelerate your growth.

Paula Pritchard

From Skillionaire to Millionaire

How to Completely Destroy Broke Thoughts Once & For All and Replace Them with Millionaire Mindset.

How to Parlay What You Already Know into Money & Success.

The Exact Skills You Must Have to Become a Home Based Business Superstar and Recruit Thousands.

Aaron Rashkin

Your $50k per Month Online & Offline Marketing Blueprint

Stop building your business by trial and error… the roadmap to wealth in network marketing with the best of online and offline techniques.

The ridiculously simple and effective strategy I use to get over 50,000 curious prospects to my website per month.

The critical component to ANY successful network marketing business that gets lost amidst all the talks about “traffic”, “leads”, and “conversion” (which btw are also important).

Ray Higdon

Getting Stuff Done, so You Can Make Money!

How to take ownership of your time and create better daily behavior and systems for yourself so you can literally stack the deck in your favor for maximum productivity.

How to tackle “overwhelm” so you can become unscattered and focus on your work with laser beam precision.

Exposing the #1 vampire that sucks your time like “no other.” Get a hold of this and watch your productivity and your results soar!

Andrew Cass

Viral Video Traffic & Marketing with Social Media

Did AlchevaGlenn ArcaroVideo marketing doesn’t work if your videos suck! How to produce Hollywood-style professional videos with almost zero money, but look like they cost a fortune.

Using the Social Traffic Trinity (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) to make your content, videos and posts spread across the web and attract hot prospects to you!

How to build your own caring, nurturing social media environment where your prospects feel like they’re home and are fixated on your message.

Increasing Online Sales Conversion & Maximizing Profits

The two things you need to be focusing on in your business that will almost guarantee your success. The answer may surprise you.

The $70,000 out of pocket mistakes I made and exactly how you can avoid it for literally pennies.

How to avoid getting sucked into dreaded “opportunity trap”, which is a surefire way to fail and lose a ton of money.

Justin Christianson

Conquering Yourself

How we’re all patterned by our mental/emotional/physical selves & how that stands between us & the success we desire.

Learn to develop TRUE relationships with your clients/teammates to take your business to a whole new level. (After all, this is a business of relationships.)

Rather than REACTING to your business, learn to act on your business.

Joey Klein

Prospecting with Social Media the RIGHT Way!

How to Attract YOUR Target Audience For Highest Conversion and Profitability.

How to Engage Them Online and “Begin the Money Dance.”

When, Why, and HOW to take it offline, make the connection and grow your team.

Jackie Ulmer

How To Sponsor 2,000+ People Your First Year Online!

We Show You the Step-by-Step Formula David Used to Hypnotically Recruit 2,000+ People in 1 Year Online Without Spending a Single Penny on Advertising…

Learn the Simple Process Anyone Can Use to Get 80% Conversions to Your Opportunity from Every Prospect You Talk To About Your Business.

The First Step David Uses to Make Money from His Prospects, Even If They Never Join His Business. (But They Usually Do Join Him!)

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NES - No Excuses Summit 1 and 2

NES - No Excuses Summit 1 and 2

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