Matt Theriault – Epic Invested 2022

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Creative Financing Basics of “equity sharing” to “options” to “seller carry back” to “subject to” to “wraps” to negotiations. Fill your investing toolbox with all the tricks of the trade.


Matt Theriault – Epic Invested 2022

Matt Theriault - Epic Invested 2022

Check it out: Matt Theriault – Epic vInvested 2022


 Creative strategies, systems and tactics

 Systems, checklists, resources and S.O.P’s

 Marketing and business growth strategies

 Close knit community of burgeoning real estate investors

 Real estate tips, tricks, and hacks.

And That’s Just The Tip Of The Clover  You Also Get…

 The Creative Financing Lab

 REI Marketing Masters

 The Lead Machine Masterclass

 The Bank Bypass Blueprint

 The Introvert’s Guide to Raising Private Money


If you want to creatively finance your real estate investments, from finding the right opportunities to negotiating the right terms to structuring the paperwork to organizing the close to collecting your profits; join us to learn what Matt Theriault and his “rockstar students” are doing for their real estate portfolios, orchestrated to apply to yours immediately.

  • Creative Financing Basics of “equity sharing” to “options” to “seller carry back” to “subject to” to “wraps” to negotiations. Fill your investing toolbox with all the tricks of the trade.
  • How to Find Creative Deals: Every creative deal’s foundation lies within the seller’s motivation to sell. If you can’t find motivated sellers, that’s a problem. Problem solved!
  • Advanced Deal Structuring: Maximize the use of more than 20 creative terms to minimize the amount of money you need to bring to the closing table and when you need to actually bring it, if ever.
  • How to Create Creative Offers that get accepted at 3x-5x the industry average with a multi-offer approach.
  • Creative “Anonymous” Paperwork: When you start building a portfolio of creatively financed real estate, people start to notice, and frankly… it’s none of their business. Do your paperwork the right way, keep your deals a secret and protect what you’ve built.
  • How to Close Creative Deals: From contract execution to coordinating with your closing agent to filing the appropriate paperwork… and how to have it all done for you.
  • Deal Architecture: In every creative deal there’s the terms of the sale, terms of the financing and the terms of the paperwork… and it’s in the paperwork where the real money is to be made. We call it the “deal after the deal.”
  • Velocity Investing: Access an under-the-radar approach to investing that can multiply your ROI by 3! while virtually eliminating your risk. Matt can’t wait to share this with you!


If you want to pick the best market, get motivated sellers to reach out to you for help, and find deeply discounted off-market real estate deals; join the REI Marketing Masters for a special all-day deep dive masterclass so you can finish 2021 strong and make 2022 your best year ever… even if you don’t have a marketing budget… and even in a difficult market.

  • Marketing Basics: We are NOT in the real estate investing business as much as we are in the marketing business. Understanding the basics and implementing them alone will put you far ahead of your competition.
  • How to Attract Sellers: If you’re tired of chasing sellers, that’s a problem. Problem solved!
  • Broadcasting Your Message: Maximize the number of sellers that hear your message by leveraging multiple broadcasting platforms.
  • Driving for Dollars: It’s a time-honored strategy for finding the hottest deals your competition routinely misses, but when leveraged with today’s technology… your competition will be scratching their heads wondering how you’re so good.
  • Digital Marketing: The most recent survey shows that 93% of property owners will visit real estate websites before deciding to sell. If your message isn’t showing up online, you’re essentially invisible to the majority of sellers.
  • Finding the Best Data: Your marketing is only as good as the people you’re marketing to. The “marketing masters” are always privy to where the best data can be found and how to mine it for the most motivated sellers.
  • Direct Mail Secrets: It’s back, and it’s working better than ever… as long as you know WHAT to send and WHO to send it to. We’ve got amazing statistics on which lists in which markets are responding to what mailing pieces… and you’ll receive free coaching for you and your market specifically, so you don’t waste your time or hard-earned money working by trial and error.
  • Marketing Outsourcing: Face it, there are things we HAVE to do, but would rather not do (or don’t have the time to do) ourselves.

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Matt Theriault - Epic Invested 2022

Matt Theriault - Epic Invested 2022

$75.00$297.00 (-75%)

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