Lynne McTaggart – Healing Power of Intention

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Many courses or seminars describe intention as a “power thought” where you learn how to think the “right” thoughts to manifest a new car, new job or new relationship.


Lynne McTaggart – Healing Power of Intention

Lynne McTaggart - Healing Power of Intention

Check it out: Lynne McTaggart – Healing Power of Intention

Lynne McTaggart
Can your thoughts and intentions heal the world as well as yourself?

There’s a whole cottage industry around things like the “Law of Attraction,” but what is the TRUTH and SCIENCE behind personal and collective intentions? How do we harness their power to bring greater good into our lives and help create major shifts in the world?

The actual scientific truths are less glitzy, but far more interesting – and effective – than the hype. And there’s one woman who’s become the leading figure in distilling the best science in the field and applying it in remarkable ways for personal and collective change.

That person is researcher and bestselling author Lynne McTaggart. Millions of people have watched her in movies like What the Bleep Do We Know!?, have read her bestselling books or participated in her mind-over-matter experiments to create healing on the planet.

And now she’s offering an unprecedented course that brings all the latest science to you in a way that is practical and relevant for your life.

Many courses or seminars describe intention as a “power thought” where you learn how to think the “right” thoughts to manifest a new car, new job or new relationship.

The problem is, as the science shows us, it’s only partially true. What the latest biology actually demonstrates is that we are sending and receiving energy to everyone and everything, in every moment.

We’re having invisible “conversations” all the time – with our partners, loved ones, co-workers, even our food and computers – but most of us aren’t aware of what we’re broadcasting to the world (much less the subconscious components). This invisible conversation – with all the secret judgments, criticisms and negativity – is what makes up our life’s intentions.

Now, you can learn how to harness the power of your intentions to help create the personal and planetary Shifts we need in this life-transforming 6-module workshop with Lynne McTaggart.

Celebrated as one of our leading voices bridging science and spirituality, Lynne will offer a complete toolkit for you to hone your ability to heal and be healed – and use the power of your thoughts, and your connection with everyone and everything, for the betterment of the world.

This highly practical, skill-building course is based on the latest research in the area of quantum physics ­– which Lynne then weaves in with discoveries from ancient cultures, animal biology, neuroscience, psychology and many other disciplines.

Intentions are at the core of our whole journey in life. Making them clear, conscious and powerful helps us all to fulfil our deepest purpose.

Join us for this ground-breaking 6-part voyage of discovery with Lynne! You will learn the deeper truths about intention and how you can harness its enormous transformative power to bring about greater peace, prosperity and sustainability in your work, your relationships, your communities, and in our world.

How You’ll Benefit from this Course

Lynne McTaggart will empower you to:

  • Harness the universal laws of intention to create healing and change
  • Vastly improve your intuitive ability to pick up the intentions around you
  • Develop an ability to heal your life and aspects of your work and personal community based on the power of small groups
  • Learn the secret principles that allow advanced meditators, monks, world-class athletes and others to manifest their intention in extraordinary ways
  • Discern greater insight into your life’s divine purpose and how it fits with your daily acts of intention
  • Gain expertise in preventing yourself from being weakened by negative intentions around you – and stopping yourself from being negative

Letter from Lynne McTaggart

Dear friends,

My research with many intention “masters” convinced me that certain practices can harness intention and bring about great healing in your life, and that’s what I’m delighted to present to you in this 6-module workshop.

I run an ongoing Intention Experiment that tests the power of group thought in well-run, controlled scientific experiments. In our 23 studies to date, we’ve achieved compelling results that demonstrate the power of thought to increase plant growth, purify water and lower violence.

But the most interesting phenomenon, to my mind, is the effect upon the participants. Our big on-line experiments have elicited many reports of ecstatic experiences – an overwhelming and palpable sense of oneness – a connection each of us feels with the other participants who are thousands of miles away.

For example, after our experiment with 15,000 people from 60 countries, examining whether “group mind” has the power to lower violence and restore peace in war-torn Sri Lanka, some 46 percent of our participants noticed long-term changes in their relationships with others after the experiment. In fact, 41 percent felt more love for anyone with whom they came into contact, especially strangers. Plus, that module proved pivotal in the chain of events leading to the end of the war.

I have come to call this group phenomenon the “Power of Eight.” This type of powerful bonding often occurs in a single day. When I divide students of mine into small groups of eight, and ask these complete strangers to send loving thoughts to each other, we’ve witnessed powerful stories of emotional or physical healing among both the senders and receivers.

Marsha, for instance, had developed an opacity in one cornea, largely blocking the vision of one eye. The following day, after her group’s healing intention, she claimed that her sight in that eye had been almost fully restored. Many of the members of her group who had sent the intention were plagued with lifelong migraines or back problems, but they also reported feeling far better.

Even more significant than healing effects is the powerful effect of community. During my workshops, strangers have begun resonating together as one; for instance, in Holland at a recent workshop, I discovered that many of the groups reported having the exact same visualizations during their group intentions. In one group, which concentrated on sending intention to a woman with a bad back, she and other group members all imagined the same inner vision: her spine being lifted out of her body and infused with light.

This feeling of oneness reported by the members of the workshops and the Intention Experiment community is an example of the resonant effect of what I call “The Bond” – the experience of pure connection with everyone and everything around you.

The simple act of belonging and spontaneously giving within a small group of strangers is so powerful and so satisfies our deepest longing that it heals both the healer and the recipient. It’s from this container that I invite you to join me for The Healing Power of Intention course.

The world needs all of us to cultivate and harness the enormous power of our thoughts and intentions to bring about the greatest harmony imaginable!


What You’ll Learn: Course Overview

Every class in The Healing Power of Intention is 90 minutes and has three components: an in-depth presentation from Lynne; a time for questions, sharing and discussion; plus easy-to-learn practices that will enable you to create healing and positive change in your own life, in your community and in our world.

Module 1: The Bond: Your Hidden Power of Connection

This module you’ll learn the basic principles of “The Bond” – that you are in constant relationship with everyone and everything around you. Here you will discover your true power and take steps to recognize and recover wholeness in every aspect of your life. This first module, you will:

  • Discover you are always attached and engaged with everything around you – even if you consider yourself a loner
  • Know why connection is essential to your good health – even a matter of life and death
  • Learn how you are unconsciously connecting with the thoughts and emotions of everyone around you – including strangers – at every moment
  • Gain practices to help you flourish as an individual only when you move beyond speaking, seeing and relating for just yourself

Module 2: Powering Up: Refining Your Ability to Send Coherent Messages

This module Lynne will introduce you to her unique toolkit to focus your intention and send and receive coherent, positive messages. This synthesis is based on science, traditional wisdom and countless interviews with intention masters around the globe, which she’ll explore with you in the greatest depth. You will:

  • Become conscious of the incoherent, non-specific messages you broadcast to the world – and how to retrain your brain to send a coherent, positive message
  • Learn the most effective techniques for sending intention — a unique synthesis of the practices of intention experts such as Qigong masters, Buddhist monks, master healers and others from native cultures
  • Discover the right times, places, mind states and heart states to send intention
  • Practice simple methods for focusing your mind with laser-like directness
  • Experience firsthand what those around you are sending and receiving at every moment

Module 3: Brain Training: Strengthening the Connections

You’re not only sending messages all the time, but you’re also receiving subconscious information from your environment in each moment. This module you’ll learn to become more conscious of the hidden content behind the exchanges you have with other human beings, animals, places and objects. You’ll learn specific “brain training” exercises to develop your sixth sense and strengthen your connections with the world around you. This module you will to take steps to:

  • Gain a new way of perceiving and relating to the world to discover the hidden connections between things
  • Cultivate the art of extrasensory noticing through simple practices and meditative techniques that condition your brain to notice more, without judgment
  • Overcome your brain’s tendency to be blind to the greater reality in front of you
  • Learn how to tune into another’s inner emotional state to develop greater empathy
  • Master simple but powerful techniques that create immediate brain-wave entrainment between you and others – even perfect strangers

Module 4: The Power of Eight: The Extraordinary Power of the Group for Healing

Based on Lynne’s extraordinary work in large and small Intention Experiments, you will be divided into your own Healing Circles, where you will quickly establish instant, seemingly miraculous powers together to heal and connect with one other. This module you will:

  • Learn powerful group-healing methods that transform a small group of strangers into a super-organism – and a potent healing circle
  • Create a “virtuous circle” to enhance the healing of both healers and healee
  • Gain powerful techniques to take group healing into your community
  • Learn to make use of the power of the group to become more tolerant of others – even those who disagree with everything you stand for
  • Create collective brain-wave resonance – at the office, at home and in your community – in order to create greater cooperation

Module 5: Overcoming Negative Intention

Many healers and psychics suggest creating a psychic “bubble” to protect us from negative intention. This module you’ll discover that these kinds of barriers can often block the Bond between us, and that there are simpler and more powerful ways to eliminate negative intention. You’ll also learn to become conscious of the ways that we inadvertently sabotage our own positive intentions. In this session you will:

  • Become mindful of the negativity that unconsciously emanates from you at every moment
  • Learn simple techniques to prevent yourself from being weakened by the negative intention around you – and to stop yourself from being negative
  • Gain the most powerful way to block negativity from weakening you – without also blocking the connection
  • Cultivate the power of your hidden life’s purpose to ward off negativity in your life

Module 6: Healing with the Bond

This module you’ll delve into the power of “we’re all in this together” – how using intention for common and larger purpose creates instant closeness and cooperation in any social situation and can be used to heal the communities around you. You’ll also learn how to revitalize any social situation – in your office or neighborhood – to create a close-knit and cooperative community. You will also:

  • Create collective brain-wave resonance – at the office, at home and in your community – to create greater cooperation and healing
  • Learn the five simple steps you can take to make your neighborhood safer – and closer
  • Explore ways to discern greater insight into your life’s divine purpose and how it fits with your daily acts of intention
  • Gain the tools to transform the atmosphere in your office from “me against them” to “all of us pulling together”
  • Discover the soul of your community or workplace to band together for effective change – of any sort

About Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning investigative journalist, a bestselling author and a sought-after public speaker whose talks and workshops have transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world. As one of the preeminent spokespersons on consciousness, the new physics and the science of spirituality, she has authored six books including the worldwide bestsellers The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond.

The hallmark of her work is exhaustive research that produces science-based discoveries in the worlds of science, spirituality and health. As editorial director of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, she also publishes one of the world’s most highly praised health newsletters and runs highly popular health and spirituality teleconferences and workshops.

Lynne is also architect of a web-based “global laboratory,” involving an international consortium of prestigious scientists and thousands of people in countries around the world testing the power of intention to heal the world (

Most recently, her book The Intention Experiment and its website were prominently featured in the plotline of Dan Brown’s latest blockbuster The Lost Symbol, and she and her book The Field were featured in the powerful and inspiring new documentary called I AM. She has appeared on many national TV and radio shows, including Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra shows.

Lynne’s latest book The Bond is the blueprint for a better life – even for a turning point in our social and cultural evolution. She was born in the US and now lives in London, UK, with her publisher husband Bryan, their two children and pet dog Ollie. To learn more about her work, visit

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Lynne McTaggart - Healing Power of Intention

Lynne McTaggart - Healing Power of Intention

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