Jay Abraham – Referral Mastery Virtual Workshop 2019

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I taught Mindset… Cultural Shifts… Positioning Language for scenario-based scripts, role playing, consequential thinking and deal making.


Jay Abraham – Referral Mastery Virtual Workshop 2019

Jay Abraham - Referral Mastery Virtual Workshop 2019

Check it out: Jay Abraham – Referral Mastery Virtual Workshop 2019

Referral Mastery Virtual Workshop 2019

Jay Abraham wrote:

I have a way for qualified businesses to literally double your buyers every 15 months – maybe even faster.

Plus, if you really get serious you could actually / realistically double, redouble – even redouble again – that number.

How / why? (Well, the ‘why’ is pretty obvious!)

By learning my all-new / first time ever shared, “Referral Mastery” approach to building or rebuilding a heavily referral-based business or professional practice.

I’m sure that you know I was the one who created the original “93 Referral Systems” years ago.

In its heyday it rocked businesses world-wide.

But last week, I sat down to deliver a four-session updated version of it and I was nonplussed when I reviewed my old material in preparation to upgrading it.

I felt most of those original strategies I had given birth to were no longer as powerful, no longer as preeminent, no longer preemptive enough to truly deliver the kind of power-packed velocity, momentum and critical mass that entrepreneurs like you need today.

So, I threw the old material totally out the door – and painstakingly created, from scratch, something utterly unimaginable.

It’s actually quite magical when you put it all together in one multi-faceted Power Parthenon of referral generating synthesis.

I call it “Referral Mastery” because – quite honestly – I taught the complete integration of how to think, act, transact and proact like a referral generating master.

This is light-years beyond anything I have ever shared – anytime, anywhere – for anybody – before!

More importantly, it’s light-years beyond what anybody, anywhere in the business world is thinking, teaching, doing.

What my “Referral Mastery” process does is give you an all new, multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary, multiple access, multiple impact power force – an almost munificent quality force with which to begin generating high-level referral buyers / clients / patients.

One attendee gained 125 different no-cost (or very, very low-cost), no-risk (or very, very, very low risk) methods.


I taught Mindset… Cultural Shifts… Positioning Language for scenario-based scripts, role playing, consequential thinking and deal making.

I taught Motivation for internal clients, past buyers, vendors, and other companies serving your target – to ALL want to refer – continuously and zealously.

I taught strategy, and sheer ingenious tactical approaches to produce epic results that just keep on compounding / multiplying then re-compounding / re-multiplying.

Seriously, if your business is right and the industry / market is ripe for it, my “Referral Mastery System” can give you positioning advantage, perceptual advantage, prominence advantage, preferential advantage, peer-confirmation advantage – ALL at a level and breadth of possibility that few out there are even able to fathom.

That’s the good news. Now the bad, which is really not so bad – and it needn’t even affect you if you are prone towards fast / definitive action.

What I sold, was an update of the original “93 Referral Systems”.

What I delivered, was knowledge, instruction, guidance, dimension, context and intellectual property so vast in its profit potential that I absolutely underpriced the program by 2/3rds too little!

Sincerely, it’s at least a $5,000 knowledge exchange – if not twice that.

But, all I charged was $1,495 because I thought I was doing an update.

I’m cleaning up the beta version from last week, adding a few cool bells and whistles I conceived after reflecting on what this new methodology could deliver – and I’m dramatically raising the price and launching the doubled and redoubled priced version to the outside market in late Dec. / Jan.

BUT – for one week only – just seven days! – I’m allowing everyone on my inside list who either never really grasped the potential “Referral Mastery” could deliver OR didn’t want a mere reworked version of my original 93 Referrals – to purchase the Home Study of last week’s beta version for the same 2/3rds underpriced fee of just $1,495.

But I don’t want Rob Colasanti (my Director of Consulting and Training Services) pestered by a bunch of tire-kickers or daunting, petty question-askers.

< Contact Rob >

LOOK – if a referral generated buyer has a first-time or lifetime value to you – profit-wise of a thousand dollars or more – get just two of them, then you have already made a profit on this knowledge.

But learn how to build a monster expansive referral generating machine with dozens of profit pulsing tentacles encompassing every possible source and form of controlled-word-of mouth – and your business explodes!!!!

I do hope you’ll take my heartfelt admonishment and connect with Rob right away. Do that and you can be generating high-profit referral buyers from my Home Study program before your credit card bill even arrives.

Plus, you’ll be gaining this literally Unfair Ethical Advantage for 2/3rds less-than it’s actually worth.

I only hope YOU are the one acquiring and mastering this powerful revenue-multiplying system AND NOT YOUR COMPETITION!

Contact Rob NOW – please!


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Jay Abraham - Referral Mastery Virtual Workshop 2019

Jay Abraham - Referral Mastery Virtual Workshop 2019

$140.00$1,495.00 (-91%)

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