Hypnotica – Ultimate Inner Game

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Commit to being an amazing lover.It’s a journey… just like “making a million dollars”… or “getting jacked”… or “becoming free of emotional pain”… or “finding your purpose in life”.


Hypnotica – Ultimate Inner Game

Hypnotica - Ultimate Inner Game

Check it out: Hypnotica – Ultimate Inner Game

If you ask the average guy on the street what it means, then he’s going to tell you that being an amazing lover is something like this: Last at least 15 minutes Be able to to go hard and fast the whole time Not run out of breath Fill her, really deep

And that’s simply not it. That is a myth spread by adult entertainment. And in my opinion it’s responsible for a lot of pain that guys feel around this topic.See, being a Modern Day Sexual Man is about so much more. For example… You are able to help a woman feel totally comfortable letting loose and enjoying herse

lf You are able to encourage a woman to explore her sexual fantasies, and you are confident in giving her exactly what she wants You know how to use your hands, mouth, and even toys to give her pleasure (that’s right — it’s not just about a big unit.) You are able to feel engaged, present & in-the-moment as you make love to her. You feel comfortable pursuing your own pleasure, and showing her how to increase your pleasure. You believe that being intimate is “win-win”, meaning there are no “takers”, just two lovers contributing to each others’ pleasure.

I could go on… Though the point is that being a “Modern Day Sexual Man”… is about infinitely more than your “physical performance”.

The guy who simply relies on a big unit will NEVER be able to surpass a true Modern Day Sexual Man…So my advice to you, if you want to be “the best” is this:

Commit to being an amazing lover.It’s a journey… just like “making a million dollars”… or “getting jacked”… or “becoming free of emotional pain”… or “finding your purpose in life”.

Treat your sexlife as a journey, where you are constantly making improvements, every single day.

You are learning new techniques, and perfecting them.

You are making mistakes, and fixing what doesn’t work, and replacing it with new things that do.

With commitment (and let’s face it… being amazing in the bedroom is a fun thing to commit to…)…..then you will become the best lover a woman has ever had. 1.

So… what exactly is Modern Day Sexual Man?It’s the result of 23 years learning the art of sexuality. I’ve probably slept with *thousands* of women… and I’ve learned secrets most men will never know.

Now that I’ve reached a point of sexual satisfaction… it’s time for sharing.I’ve spent 18 months creating an 8-module video series with everything valuable I’ve learned in 23 years…So that you can skip the learning curve and transform into a sexual master QUICKLY, and the get the respect & adoration of the women you desire.2. Who is Modern Day Sexual Man suited to? (Is it right for me?)


This is for you if you refuse to let society repress male sexuality.This is for you if you refuse a mediocre sexlife… and demand an amazing sexlife.

This is for you if you want to take any woman to unimaginable levels of pleasure & ecstasy… and receive the kind of respect & adoration that cannot be gained any other way…When you know this stuff… you’ll be able to walk into a room of 100 guys and know that you can please a woman better than every single one of them…So if that sounds good to you… then it’s for you.

  1. What will I learn?

You’ll learn the juiciest, most valuable sexual secrets that 23 years sleeping with thousands of women taught me.It will teach you everything you need to know, to transform into a sexual powerhouse in the bedroom and rock a woman’s world…More info about this torrent:

This contains some new Master’s circle interviews. These aren’t all completed: for example month 24 has no hypnotalk and month 23 has no commentary. So don’t ask me about when will they appear, why they aren’t there, because I simply don’t know.

We’ve already seen multiple times that Hypnotica has a hard time delivering his stuff.So there isn’t any news about the sex demos or other products.

But we did get some bonuses, as you’ll see in the BONUSES folder. Some stuff was posted from his youtube, like the How to deepen your voice video.Then in the Ultimate Man, you’ll see the videos of the recordings from the weekly calls and some files.The Inner Smile is part of the inner game and inner happiness.

There are also some hypnotalks he added, so even though they are found in the master’s circle torrents from before, I’ve still added them, as part of the package. Same thing for the Ho’oponopono file. It was added as part of the Ultimate Man, so I’ve added it in the torrent even though it’s already on this site because contributors get it ratio free anyway.

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Hypnotica - Ultimate Inner Game

Hypnotica - Ultimate Inner Game

$15.00$46.00 (-67%)

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